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Do you know anything about the pressure relief valve of disp

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The dispensing pressure barrel is mainly used for the application of stable dispensing or high pressure spraying of continuous feeding materials. The various accessories installed at the top of the barrel cover include pressure relief valve, pressure regulating valve, glue outlet, pressure relief device, etc. This paper will briefly explain the relevant knowledge and function of the safety valve, regardless of the conventional dispensing pressure. Force barrel or special rubber storage barrel need to pay attention to the stability of a series of pressure barrel cover installation and play a role.
Introduction of Pressure Barrel Function
Brief description of pneumatic safety valve
The application of dispensing pressure barrels in industries such as coating or high-pressure spraying will be used as application accessories. The application of such storage barrels can prevent the shortage of materials due to insufficient supply after a long time of dispensing, resulting in defects or deficiencies in the production of gluing, such as wood viscose or ceramic gluing. The influence of equal application and production is direct. From the rate of good products of wood and ceramics, we can see the important role of rubber supply pressure barrel. Pneumatic safety valve is one of the important fittings installed in the hole groove of barrel cover. When continuous rubber supply is needed, the interior will be in the state of high-pressure spraying application. There are some potential safety hazards in this link, when dispensing glue. Pressure relief is needed when the pressure value in pressure barrel or rubber storage barrel is too large. The function of pressure relief valve lies in this. When the pressure is too high, the seal will automatically pop open to relieve pressure.
Pressure Barrel Cover Components
Pressure relief during continuous feeding
Because of the uniformity of the adhesives required for the application of wood viscose and ceramic bonding products, the stable supply of adhesives should be guaranteed to meet the needs of viscose bonding. The dispensing pressure barrel and the storage barrel of adhesives are used to store adhesives and drive the feeds through pneumatic pressure, so that the adhesives can be stably applied to the coating positions such as wood viscose or ceramic bonding. When the barrel is operated for a long time, the pressure will rise to a very high critical value. After exceeding the limit, the pneumatic safety valve will play a role. After the seal pops out, it will release the pressure. The function of this device is to prevent the pneumatic pressure from being too high and possibly coming out. The potential explosion hazards, auxiliary operation production to more stable and effective operation mode spraying glue supply.
Bonding of Wood Parts
Pneumatic safety valve has the function of pressure relief and stabilization. Users should pay attention to whether this kind of fittings can support and play a role in the application of high pressure spraying glue for a long time.
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