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Nylon Brush Coating Low Viscosity Encapsulating Adhesive Pre

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The nylon brush introduced in this paper is a commonly used brushing tool for PCB. It has both dust removal and glue application. Manual control brush is suitable for brushing glue in large area. For example, flexible circuit board glue, PCB board uniform paint can be used to brush glue with this tool. This tool and flat-mouthed soft fur suitable for low viscosity encapsulation glue can be used. The difference between needle and needle lies in its application. The uniform and stable coating effect can be seen from the application of needle and needle.
Special nylon brush rubber brush
Introduction to Manual Operation of Brush
The nylon brush is composed of nylon soft wool as a whole. It has the advantages of soft texture, non-scratch, uniform paint brushing and so on. Therefore, it can be used in the application of viscose brushing on flexible circuit board without too much preparation and dipping in appropriate adhesive. This tool is simple to operate and relatively convenient to use. It is determined by the area structure of the brush. The application scope of combined brushing can support large area brushing, such as small size brushing compound for small components. Compared with flat-mouthed soft-wool needle, it is easy to operate and can be applied without preparation. Because both of them belong to brush products that can not stick together, they only support medium-low viscosity sealing. The glue is used for coating, which is the limitation of this kind of fittings.
Soft brush needle
Special flat-mouthed soft-wool needle with stable and uniform gluing
Compared with nylon brush, flat-mouthed soft-wool needle is portable and supports automatic operation. Connecting it to the dispensing valve or the dispensing needle barrel can be controlled by automatic mode. Compared with manual brush control, the mode of setting path is more uniform, stable and covers a larger area, so it is suitable for use. It can be applied to many types of low viscosity filling and coating, so it can be applied to industries such as flexible circuit board viscose production without scratching or damaging the surface.
Flexible Circuit Board without Damage
Nylon brushes are recommended to be used as auxiliary tools. For batch production such as flexible circuit board viscose, flat-mouthed soft-wool needles are still recommended to operate independently.
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