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Uniformity of coating material is an index for selecting dis

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With more and more industries requiring glue coating, higher requirements are needed for relevant accessories and technologies. The uniformity of coating material is an index that most industries need to meet in production. The needle for dispensing glue selected in this link will be the focus of the whole process, whether it is medium-low viscosity or high-viscosity filling glue. Depending on the applicability of the dispensing needle, if a special tool such as nylon brush is used to control the high-viscosity adhesive, it will not only fail to uniformly coat the adhesive, but also cause problems such as the adhesion of the brush, which is the same as the flat-mouthed soft-wool needle.
Diode uniform coating
Recommendation for uniformly glued needles
Considering the relevant knowledge, it is the right direction to choose different types of needles according to the requirements. The coating materials needed for the viscose links of flexible circuit boards are uniform and can not scratch the surface of the products. At the same time, they have certain disassembly rather than sticking to death for further operation. The stainless steel needles are not selected to avoid high levels. When scraping onto the surface of the product at high speed, the appearance and value of the product will be affected. At the same time, the low-viscosity encapsulating adhesive is needed as the viscose fluid. Therefore, nylon brush and flat-mouthed soft needle become the standard accessories to ensure the uniform coating of the adhesive and good application effect. Only when the product value of the flexible circuit board viscose is applied can the product value be guaranteed. Get multi-level promotion.
Soft brush dispensing needle
Introduce the function of special brush
Nylon brush is a special adhesive coating tool. It can be applied to the viscose surface of flexible circuit board by hand dipping a suitable amount of low viscosity sealing adhesive. It is a common brush stick in PCB manufacturing industry. Generally speaking, the uniform coating position of nylon brush is inseparable from its soft hair composition. This kind of brush has good flexibility and uniform coating quality. It is mainly suitable for medium and low viscosity filling glue and fluid control coating. The difference between flat-mouthed soft needle and flat-mouthed soft needle is that flat-mouthed soft needle can be mounted to rubber valves or special parts of the same kind to realize the application of automatic glue coating, while nylon brush only supports manual operation. In this link, the coating glue is uniform and the two are suitable. But the effect is different.
Multi-specification brush needle
The uniformity of the coating material of semi-finished products determines the overall value and use. In order to improve the coating accuracy, attention should be paid to adjusting the selection of dispensing needle and related operation.
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