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Soft place rubber needle suitable for large area brushing

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Electronic circuit boards and other industries need to apply the corresponding technology to a large area of brushing glue for bonding and sealing, so on the premise of uniform brushing without injury, they will choose soft texture needle or brush needle, etc. This paper recommends a needle mainly used in low-viscosity or medium-viscosity filling glue to control coating. This soft texture needle is mainly used in low-viscosity filling glue or medium-viscosity filling glue to control coating. The floor needle is a flat-mouthed soft wool needle, which can be used to finish the gluing work with a large proportion of brushing and can avoid scratching the material of the product.
It is worth mentioning that nylon brush is only a substitute for large area brushing. It can also be used in flexible circuit board viscose links and other links without injuries. However, it is mainly for manual brushing operation on part of the position, but it can not carry automation equipment application operation, which is less advantageous than flat-mouthed soft-wool needle.
Large Area Electronics Brush Coating
Wide area brushing requirements for soft needles
At present, the main control application of viscose for flexible circuit board is automation equipment. It is necessary to use tools such as brushes to control the brushing of adhesives in order to avoid scratching the surface in the process of rapid movement and affect the application value or effect. This is partly due to the non-use of metal needles. In fact, metal needles are the main ones. If the single-line position of the coating, the need for uniform efficiency of large-scale brushing is not applicable, so soft flat-mouth soft needle or nylon brush tools will be selected for operation, because the nylon brush needs manual operation can not be put into automation for a long time and is abandoned.
Hand-glued brush
Introduce the advantages of special soft needle
Selecting flat-mouthed soft-wool needle instead of manual nylon brush is mainly based on automatic application. Flat-mouthed soft-wool needle can be operated by adding it to the bottom of dispensing valve or dispensing needle barrel. High-quality PP material can control low-viscosity filling glue for a long time and brush it to the required filling position. It is mainly applicable to the control of low-viscosity filling glue with various properties. In the filling process, such as primer boiling, catalyst, lubricant, flux and other low viscosity adhesives brush to the flexible circuit board viscose and other large areas of brushing position, this kind of adhesives in the low viscosity to avoid the adhesion of soft fur and affect the consistency and effect of brushing.
Flat-mouthed soft brush needle
When large area brushing is needed, attention should be paid to whether the durability life of flat-mouthed soft wool needle is near the limit. Once the durability life is reached, it should be replaced in time. This is the defect that PP soft wool and other soft wool do not support long-term application.
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