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Does the high pressure spraying process need to be equipped

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In addition to the installation of rubber gun and the control of automation equipment, spraying should achieve the continuous supply of rubber at the same time. Therefore, it is worth discussing whether the storage bucket should be equipped in the process of controlling high-pressure spraying. From the standpoint of Xiaobiao, it is necessary. Spraying is mainly used in wood viscose or ceramics. Adhesion and other industries need a large amount of spraying compound. If there is no storage bucket, it is easy to use high-pressure spraying for a long time because of the lack of materials, which will affect the coherence and yield. It is an important potential factor that causes adverse spraying production.
Hand-held spray gun
Importance of Rubber Storage Bucket in Spraying Work
Generally speaking, high-pressure spraying needs to be equipped with spraying gun or applied to automatic spraying machine in order to operate in practice. Because of the strong continuity of such links, there is a large demand for rubber materials. Therefore, it is recommended that adding storage buckets of rubber materials can be used to maintain stable and efficient spraying work. This kind of application is mainly for the bonding of wood viscose and ceramics. In the application of large bonding surface and uniform coating, rubber storage barrel supports long-term rubber feeding such as automation equipment or manual spraying, and sprays with stable and efficient supply of pneumatic conveying. Before putting into use, it is necessary to check whether the pneumatic safety valve and pressure regulating valve at the barrel cover can be used normally, so as to avoid high impact. Coherence and efficiency of pressure spraying.
Introduction of Storage Bucket Function
Investment Needs of Spraying Industry
The process of spraying automation equipment has been gradually transited to the process of spraying with suitable glue on both sides of wood. Therefore, there are requirements for spraying automation equipment to be put into use. For example, the distribution area of glue applied in spraying such as wood or ceramics bonding is uniform and stable, so the filling of glue storage barrel is necessary. Essentially, the standard storage barrel cover has four bifurcated dental grooves, which can be used to install pneumatic safety valve, pneumatic pressure regulating valve, glue outlet, pressure relief device, etc. The function of this storage barrel is to place a variety of fluid adhesives and apply them to material coating, so it can be applied to similar applications such as wood viscose and ceramic bonding.
Carbon Steel Rubber Storage Pressure Barrel
In view of the above, high pressure spraying and other applications need to be equipped with rubber storage buckets in order to improve stability.
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