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How to Make the Coating Link of Cloth Adhesion Control Unifo

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The application of cloth adhesion mainly depends on the demand of clothing industry. Advanced glue-coating robot equipment is also suitable for the application of this industry. It is the display form of finished products to achieve the effect of glue adhesion between cloth. In order to make the quality of coating link relatively uniform and stable, a lifting dispensing valve is recommended as control. Precision control is used to prevent the dripping problem caused by the fluidity of rubber material from affecting the rate of good products such as cloth or shoe material bonding.
Adhesion of cloth
Functional importance of lifting dispensing valve
With the application direction of intelligent glue-coating robot becoming wider and wider, the application demand of glue-bonding is rising rapidly. A series of links are driven by the production of cloth-bonding in the clothing industry. One of the application directions of glue-coating robot is to use a layer of glue coating between two cloths to achieve the function of suitable glue-bonding. The lifting type is one of the application directions of glue-coating robot. The dispensing valve plays an important role in it. The glue is conveyed to the bottom of the glue valve through the pneumatic conveying mode, and then the output of the glue is pushed by the push rod to achieve the purpose of glue bonding. At this time, the lifting function can quickly absorb the glue back to prevent dripping and leakage. The control quality and precision of the glue-coating robot can be viewed comprehensively. It is inseparable from the application of dispensing valves. If it is necessary to speed up the production of cloth and shoe adhesive again, appropriate amount of water-based hardener can be added to accelerate the curing degree.
Lifting backdraft dispensing valve
Promoting effect of adding proper amount of hardener
Because materials such as cloth need to be glued immediately after bonding, if this link is affected and slowed down, it will directly affect the work of cloth bonding and shoe bonding, so the application of water-based hardener is promoted, the appropriate amount of hardener is applied to the bonding position, and then through the lifting dispensing valve to control the position of the glue in place. It can achieve strong and effective adhesion effect after placing. Generally speaking, the material chosen for cloth adhesion should have good environmental protection and adhesion effect. Hot melt glue is usually chosen as the adhesive when shoe materials are bonded. At this time, the gluing robot should be equipped with corresponding glue valves, instead of just using lifting dispensing valve to control.
Waterborne curing accelerator
The installation and application of glue-coating robot and lifting dispensing valve are indispensable through the corresponding configuration and operation to make it more suitable for the production needs of cloth adhesion. At present, attention should be paid to the details of operation in production, including the selection of different types of glue valves, fine-tuning of parameter control and whether water-based hardener should be added or not. Questions.
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