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Special dispensing syringe for manual extrusion injection

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Most of the products need to be coated with appropriate paint material in the slit position in order to achieve bonding or fixing effect. For example, the special complex structure of the product should be extruded and injected by special way. Therefore, the disposable dispensing syringe suitable for manual operation has become a special manual injection tool, which is simple and easy to use. This special hand glue syringe is suitable for many special applications such as paint injection and fluid infusion.
Manual extrusion tool
Application advantages of portable disposable dispensing syringe
Taking the slit filling of small components as an example, it is shown that because the gap between components and components is small and the position of glue coating is not a conventional type, the adjustment of automation equipment needs to consider practical factors when adjusting injection, so some users will need a glue syringe suitable for simple manual extrusion injection. As an alternative, disposable dispensing syringe has become the choice of this kind of production line. This special dispensing syringe is easy to operate and suitable for various types of paint injection and fluid infusion. It can store various types of rubber or paint fluid to perform extrusion injection. It can be extrusion injection only by pressing the rubber plug, because of this needle. Because of its low cost and versatility, high viscosity paint can be directly discarded after injection and storage to avoid cross-contamination.
Manual extrusion tool
Characteristics of disposable tools suitable for rubber extrusion
The characteristics of disposable dispensing syringe make it possible to be used in many industries. This manual tool is simple and can be operated in various modes. The operator can put the fluid such as rubber and paint into disposable glue syringe and reach the standard through extrusion injection. The advantage is to control the instantaneity of extrusion injection manually. Instead of adjusting the delay by machine, considering the extrusion or paint injection and fluid infusion which are suitable for some special needs, most of the application and production of injection rubber or paint will be equipped with a part of disposable dispensing syringe to meet the needs of extrusion injection.
Multi-specification extrusion injection tools
Due to the limitation of rubber volume, the application of extrusion injection is limited to the work of small dosage. If higher dosage of paint injection or fluid infusion is needed, other types of tools should be selected to implement.
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