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The mode of air pressure lifting compound is the condition t

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The operation mode of dispensing machine is mainly divided into electric or pneumatic modes. The pneumatic driving mode is a simple and convenient control mode with strong universality. The adhesive is driven to the position of bonding by pneumatic conveying pressure. Therefore, the stability of bonding is affected by the pressure of the adhesive, and the pressure of the lifting dispensing valve is larger. The stability of conveying supply is the premise to ensure the overall effect. It is very important to ensure the stable air pressure for the application of shoe bonding or cloth bonding.
Control device of dispensing machine
Pay attention to the importance of air pressure adjustment
The lifting dispensing valve belongs to the general compatible type in the industry. It takes the role of "intermediary" when the pneumatic lifting rubber is transported to it, and adjusts the pneumatic value again to achieve different degree of gluing effect. Whether the amount of water-based glue needed for shoe or cloth bonding is uniform and covers a wide range of effects, and the stability of the pneumatic value. It will determine the overall application effect of glue coating. If the pressure value is too small, the effect is that the glue can not be completely and steadily extruded to the bonding position. The insufficient area covered by water-borne glue will affect the bonding quality and strength. If the pressure value is too high, the glue will gradually drip or spill out, and the lifting of the lifting dispensing valve will increase. With the excessive overflow of this part of the rubber, in fact, the operation should be adjusted to a stable air pressure to achieve the best effect of the applicable adhesive coating.
31 compound lifting dispensing valve
Ways of adjusting air pressure
Most of the automation equipment will connect the controller for better parameter adjustment. The lifting dispensing valve can carry the automation equipment and control the parameter setting through the controller. By adjusting the air pressure of the controller, the effect of adjusting the air pressure to raise the rubber material can be achieved, regardless of the need for hot melt glue coating, such as shoe material bonding and cloth bonding. It is recommended that the air pressure should be adjusted before the operation, so that the quality control of the air pressure lifting compound can meet the requirements of practical application.
Adhesive Coating of Cloth
From the uniformity of rubber distribution, we can see the influence of air pressure on the degree of rubber. The application effect of shoe adhesion and cloth adhesion is greatly affected by air pressure.
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