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Integrity of Viscose Path for Air Conditioning Plastic Shell

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With the increasing demand of air-conditioning, the production line index is constantly rising. Because the special viscose of air-conditioning plastic shell hinders the continuity of production, it is necessary to understand the selection requirements from the aspects of equipment and fittings, such as the seam sealing of aluminium material and so on. The viscose of such products is the same as that of air-conditioned plastic shell. Samples need to be uniformly glued on the slit path to achieve the effect of bonding, so whether the selection of rubber valves or the selection of needle nozzle standards should follow the production requirements.
Viscose Docking of Air Conditioning Plastic Shell
Screw injection needle conforms to application characteristics
Generally, the needle nozzle used for viscose or seal selection is mainly single-tube metal needle. In fact, the high cost of single-tube metal needle is mainly used in industries with high strength. In fact, the standard type of screw-nozzle injection needle can be selected for viscose shell of air-conditioner. This needle nozzle standard should be based on the coating requirements of viscose seals of users. It is determined that the path of coating material for air conditioning plastic shell is small and uniform, so the size of the screw injection needle should be greater than 20G. This is because the higher the size of the needle, the smaller the structure and the higher the precision. At the same time, the needle has a lower cost and can be controlled by a variety of rubber materials, such as meeting the requirements for seam sealing of small and complete aluminium materials. Control needs, so the industry that needs special fluid coating will choose screw injection needle with strong versatility. Only the production line that needs continuous application will choose single tube metal needle as an accessory to control the coating path.
Plastic-mouthed screw-mouthed injection needle
The effect of various inputs is good.
In fact, the screw injection needle belongs to a subclass of single-tube metal needle, and the latter refers to the dispensing needle made entirely of metal. In order to satisfy the requirement of airconditioning plastic shell viscose and aluminum seam sealing, the screw injection needle is recommended for control. This needle can be used in a variety of medium and low viscosity. Fluid control uniform coating, fluid linear structure enables the adhesive to flow steadily to the bonding position and glue coating, to ensure that the problem of wire drawing is eliminated when aluminum seam seals and air-conditioned plastic shell is glued. At the same time, good plasticity can alleviate the influence of glue sticking to injection needle blockage. According to the needle nozzle standard, the quality of air-conditioned plastic shell is improved. Quantity lifting is more effective in the application of precise gluing for aluminium materials or air conditioning plastic shells, etc.
Disposable plastic-steel dispensing needle
From the above application characteristics, it can be seen that the selection of standard type injection needle for air-conditioning plastic shell viscose has better application value and compatibility with the use of a variety of rubber materials.
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