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Special compound control can choose disposable type of glue

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Glue syringe is a special injection tool, which can be manually controlled to achieve the effect of coating and filling of extruded glue. Most of the fluid infusion is to meet the application requirements through the storage and application of the syringe. If special glue or paint injection is needed, in fact, one-time glue syringe can be selected. In quantitative control, this syringe is also called disposable dispensing syringe, which can be used to control storage adjustment control. Because of its disposable characteristics, it can be used for various types of paint injection or fluid infusion applications.
Disposable hand-push syringe
One-off Injection Tool for Application of Particularity of Rubber Material
Automation equipment can be equipped with various types of syringes for the storage and coating of rubber materials. The application of straight-mouth syringe is more comprehensive. This syringe is suitable for most of the fluid infusion and storage applications. The disadvantage of this syringe is that it is difficult to disassemble and clean. Generally speaking, syringes that need to be used for a long time need. In order to minimize the application of special rubber materials such as paint injection, the injection syringe should be treated and cleaned if it needs to be repeatedly used, and the cleaning of the straight injection syringe takes a lot of effort, so the coherence of the need for injection cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, choosing a disposable glue syringe can directly avoid the execution of the cleaning link. Simple operation is the characteristic of disposable dispensing syringe.
Standard PP dispensing syringe
Convenience of choosing portable disposable dispensing syringe
The disposable dispensing syringe has stable service life without organosilicon chloride and supports long-term application injection. The embedded structure manually controls the dispensing syringe without loosening and inclination, without bubbles, and the inner wall closely matches the piston to ensure the smooth vomiting of liquid. Unlike the straight-mouth injection syringe, this dispensing syringe belongs to disposable glue injection. It can be directly used for various types of fluid infusion and even for injection of high viscosity special paint. It can control the outflow of rubber coating only by manually extruding the top plug. It belongs to a hand-portable glue injection. Apparatus.
Multi-specification injection syringe
One-way glue syringe is mainly used in filling semi-finished rubber materials with manual control angle. One-time dispensing syringe with simple operation and stable injection of rubber materials will meet the needs of various types of injection control.
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