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How to prevent the dripping of water-based adhesive links wi

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With the demand of garment industry driving influence, for shoe materials and cloth and other appliances, low viscosity water-based adhesive is the main adhesive, low viscosity represents the high fluidity of fluid, and the following problem is the control of drip leakage and other issues, which is the obvious problem in the application of low viscosity water-based adhesive, so how to prevent it It is one of the influencing factors to ensure the stability of shoe and cloth bonding.
Low Viscosity Waterborne Adhesive
The function of lifting backdraft function
At present, the application industry of automatic gluing robot is more and more extensive. The semi-finished shoe materials and cloth can be precisely controlled at the workstation to achieve the function of water-borne gluing. In order to ensure the stability, the correct operation of gluing robot and the use of accessories are needed. Besides setting parameters correctly, the relevant configuration is also needed. Start with, you can choose the lifting dispensing valve with backdraft function as the glue control tool. For example, the semi-finished products such as shoes or cloth can be precisely controlled by water-based glue. If the water-based glue is controlled, because of its low viscosity and strong fluidity, a backdraft pressure will be generated, and the low-viscosity water-based glue adhering to the rubber outlet will quickly backdraft. It can stop glue and prevent dripping glue from affecting continuous application, so the production stability of shoe material bonding and cloth bonding can be guaranteed.
Standard compound lifting dispensing valve
Requirement application characteristics of lifting dispensing valve
The application of lifting dispensing valves has been focused on the application of industries that need complete efficiency. The stability of intelligent control function of dispensing robots is closely related to dispensing valves. The lifting and suction force of dispensing valves needs to be adjusted by setting to control good adsorption and anti-drip effect. Therefore, the operation of dispensing robots is necessary. The adjusting function of various parameters should be simple before lifting dispensing valve can stabilize and moderate pressure control to ensure the adequacy of waterborne glue, and effectively prevent the low viscosity of glue and excessive drops on the surface of shoes or cloth adhesion and other surface value reduction.
3131 backdraft dispensing valve
Combined with the above situation, it can support the supply of a variety of types of gluing robots and lifting dispensing valves for the completion of the application of water-based glue, uniformly control the appearance of water-based glue to prevent dripping problems, and improve the output and ensure stability of continuous work such as shoe material adhesion and cloth adhesion.
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