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What is the function of the head pin valve controller in dai

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When making glue machine, the maker of glue mechanism will be equipped with spot glue valve. In this way, when we use the glue valve to do the glue work, we will use the thimble glue valve controller on the main control system of the glue dispenser. Its function is to carry out the reasonable control of the valve to realize the precision control of the glue. How do the thimble pin valve controller control the dispensing valve on the glue dispenser?
Top needle automatic dispensing valve
If we want to know the function of the glue valve controller, we must know the structure of the dispensing valve, so that we can better understand its controller's function.
Top needle type precision dispensing valve
We have to know that the structure of a dispensing valve must know what power it is driven. So we can understand its overall structure, like the thimble type dispensing valve we often use, because it is used in the thimble workpiece, its purpose is to support the dispensing accessories, make the dispensing needle execution system and dispensing machine on it in the connection, make the interaction between them is very close, but also makes the dispensing the valve has resistance pressure, prevent explosion ability. The dispensing valve main manufacturing materials, in addition to stainless steel outside also need some Aluminum Alloy to participate in manufacturing, which makes it have strong abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, so the dispensing valve prolongs the service life, reduces the number of maintenance dispensing accessories, reduce the use cost of dispensing. It also has the glue countercurrent capacity of the general dispensing valve so that it can finish the vacuum suction. However, the thimble return suction dispensing valve is much more expensive than the pneumatic point glue valve, but its application scope is wider than that of the high speed jet dispensing valve.
Top needle type high speed glue valve
Then we can see that the rubber valve controller is the device installed on the glue dispenser to control the dispensing valve. The main function of this device is to adjust the value of the controller to make a precise control of the glue.
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