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What is the difference between a straight injection syringe

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In fact, most of the fluid infusion tools chosen for production are straight-mouth injection syringes. The main reason is that this syringe is simple, convenient, applicable, comprehensive and stable. In fact, one-time dispensing syringes belong to the category of this syringe needle. They can also be used in many types of fluid infusion or paint injection applications. In fact, they are both. There are also differences in application and structure, although they belong to the same kind of dispensing injection infusion tool, in fact, there are differences in their application.
Standard straight-mouth injection syringe
Characteristics of Standard Type Straight Injection Needle Barrel
Straight-mouth injection syringe is a standard PP material injection tool. Because this syringe can be operated manually, it has the advantages of convenience and control. By connecting dispensing controller and air source, it can achieve the effect of controlling compound and infusing injection. This syringe can be used for manual operation and also for the operation of automatic dispensing machine. Secondary injection tools have a wide choice of directions and relatively diversified applications. Some injection syringes are equipped with syringe calibration outside to adjust the rubber outflow more precisely. At the same time, it is suitable for batch production of glue supply. Therefore, compared with disposable dispensing syringes, it has more comprehensive and diversified application advantages and is suitable for the production of glue. It controls and is used for continuous infusion of rubber fluid. If this syringe is reused, it can not be injected with high viscosity paint. This is the limitation of this fluid infusion tool.
Green injection syringe
Differences between disposable dispensing syringes
Although the application of standard straight-mouth injection syringe is more comprehensive and diversified, it does not mean that the application value of disposable tools is low. In fact, the advantages of disposable dispensing syringe are good portability and low operation requirements. Compared with straight-mouth syringe, this disposable tool can manually control extrusion to reach flow by placing rubber in it. For the purpose of body infusion, the appliances belong to a disposable tool, so they support various kinds of paint injection with medium and high viscosities. After ensuring that the rubber will not be blocked by solidification, they can achieve good injection function through corresponding extrusion. The same calibration of the outer needle barrel is convenient for the operator to control the extrusion quantity precisely. Stable lacquer injection and fluid infusion, no need to clean and discard directly to avoid cross-use may be affected by lacquer.
Disposable hand-push dispensing syringe
In fact, due to the increasing demand for automation equipment, the straight-mouth injection syringe has more diversified control space. Most needing fluid infusion or low-concentration paint injection will still prefer this kind of syringe and choose to use it.
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