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Intelligent gluing robot has diversified demands for dispens

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Some workshops will call automatic gluing equipment or dispensing equipment as gluing robot, which is only a special term in the industry. The precision of intelligent robot control and precise gluing can meet the needs of most industrial applications. In fact, according to the application effect of the industry, there are differences in the dispensing valves that will be selected. At present, the lifting dispensing valve used in the mainstream is a kind of control fittings for applying glue. It mainly controls the glue precisely in the fields of shoe material bonding and fabric bonding, and avoids the influence of drip and leakage. It improves the quality of the intelligent glue robot by controlling the glue precisely.
Standard Desktop Gluing Robot
Main Application Accessories of Glue-coated Robot
Desktop-type automatic gluing robot is the mainstream of the industry. After setting the path and parameters through the programming control board, it can evenly and steadily glue the position where the demand is glued. This mode is more in line with the needs of modern batch manufacturing. Therefore, there are differences in assembly types such as dispensing valves, and lifting dispensing. The reason why the valve has become a demand control fittings such as shoe material bonding and cloth bonding is mainly due to its unique backdraft effect. The air pressure backdraft control mode is adopted to prevent the overflow of semi-finished products such as shoe material or cloth from affecting the appearance effect. Therefore, this type of dispensing valve is more suitable for the stability control of intelligent gluing robot. When using the compound, if the viscosity of the compound is low, a suitable amount of water-based hardener can be added to accelerate the curing speed of the coating.
Backdraft lifting dispensing valve
Choose different types of rubber valves according to different application types
Considering the cost and operation needs, the main stream of dispensing valve is lifting dispensing valve. With its precise compound control stability, the efficiency and quality of dispensing valve can be improved. The value of dispensing valve applied in shoe and cloth bonding industries can meet the target requirements. These are only the different types of dispensing valve selected for the application of mainstream colloid. In fact, different kinds of dispensing valves should be used according to different application of glue. For UV glue coating, special valves for UV glue should be selected. For other types of special glue, different types of valve body should be selected. At the same time, adding water-based hardener properly according to the solidification condition of glue is also a kind of upgrading glue coating. The effective way of quantity.
Special Valve for Silica Rubber Material
Intelligence of glue-coating robot is closely related to the adjustment of operators. When the effect of glue-covering and fixing is not good, appropriate amount of water-based hardener should be added.
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