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Clean needle residue improves dispensing stability greatly

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Whether it is a conventional single-tube metal needle or a conventional screw-mouthed injection needle, there is a problem, that is, the long-term application of adhesive residue, so this edition will simply explain the way of cleaning needle residue, if the residual glue is not removed, it will cause blockage problems, which will affect the coherence and fluidity, only the note will be made. The rubber needle is cleanly disposed and put into use in order to better control the sealant for sealant. It is suitable for special needs such as sealant of aluminium joint and viscose of air-conditioning plastic shell.
Plastic steel injection needle
Direct effect of residual rubber blockage
Most dispensing syringes and dispensing valves will be equipped with screw injection needles for a long time to align with the dispensing glue. Because it takes a long time to control the fluidity of the glue to finish the sealing glue coating, there will be a large number of glue outlets from the injection needle. At this stage, more or less residual glue will adhere to the needle, such as not removing the residual glue from the needle. The glue directly causes the blockage and instability of glue supply, and the direct impact of glue shortage on semi-finished products is obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the residual glue of needles. Whether it is for general screw injection needles or single tube metal needles, the impact of residual glue of needles should be removed in time, such as the uneven position of glue supply coating directly affects the demand. The application of seam sealing of aluminium material coated with uniform area and viscose of air-conditioning plastic shell has a direct impact.
Metal stainless steel needle
Common ways of removing glue residue
How to effectively remove the residual glue attached to the needle position to avoid blockage? The simple, direct and effective way is to remove the residual glue by soaking in acetone solution, which is also the general way to clean the residual glue of needles. This mode is more suitable for special types such as single-tube metal needles. According to the normal operation of operators, the blockage of the screw-mouthed glue injection needle is usually discarded directly, mainly because of its low cost and optional use. It is decided that if the screw injection needle is repeatedly used, the needle can be penetrated with a sharp object to achieve the purpose of penetration. The limitation of this operation is that the cleaning is incomplete. In fact, raising the temperature so that the blocked residue can be removed by flow is also an effective way, and this way is used to deal with the metal needle to remove the residue. Effectively, only after removing the residual glue can it be applied to alignment glue supply demand applications such as seam seals for aluminium materials and viscose for air-conditioned plastic shells.
Degumming solution
Considering the actual situation, if the screw injection needle is blocked, the screw injection needle can be directly replaced and discarded. For example, the cost and effort of cleaning the residual glue of the needle with low-cost needle is relatively high, which is not in line with the actual application situation.
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