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What effect does the external needle calibration have on the

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As a common injection tool, disposable dispensing syringe can be used to complete various types of fluid injection and other applications. Generally, the external calibration of dispensing syringe exists in order to help operators better control the compound and apply it to injection. The existence of the calibration enhances the stability of the rubber control syringe calibration of most dispensing syringes. Qualitative lifting function is high, suitable for liquid or paint infusion disposable dispensing syringe application to control the need for rubber.
Multi-specification disposable dispensing syringe
Most injection rubber storage appliances will have the function of needle calibration easy to adjust, including disposable dispensing needle barrel and straight injection needle barrel of commonly used type. Straight injection needle barrel can be installed on automation equipment. Only some special types of injection rubber storage appliances have external calibration aided injection, which can be installed on automatic equipment to control. For fluid injection, the stop position of piston corresponds to the calibration position. The smaller the calibration of injection syringe, the more detailed the calibration will be. The unit of calibration is "milliliter". It refers to the volume of space such as straight injection syringe. If the time of piston pushing to the end is 0, the volume of the empty part of the piston after pulling out is equal to the corresponding value of the piston end, and the root. In order to achieve good fluid infusion effect, the disposable dispensing syringe should be selected for special paint injection.
Hand-push injection syringe
Most of the paint materials have high viscosity and strong adhesion. It is not recommended to choose the reusable tool for injection and infusion. It is recommended that disposable dispensing syringe be used to avoid cross-use and affect the quality of the paint. The high viscosity of this kind of compound requires manual extrusion of rubber plug to enable the piston to drive the paint out completely and use it for infusion and injection. The syringe calibration is the same as that of the syringe. Sample is a standard attachment function. The degree of control over the amount of paint injected by operators will be reflected in this respect. After the application of injection is completed, it should be abandoned and can not be used many times.
Standard 30CC syringe
Whether it is for lacquer injection or fluid infusion, attention should be paid to the fact that the needle calibration will be more or less affected by friction and gradually disappear over a long period of time. Therefore, if it is found that the scale wear should be considered whether to replace the use.
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