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Can water-borne hardeners improve the bonding effect of rubb

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Waterborne adhesives have been used for a long time in shoe factories, cloth factories and other industries. Coating appropriate amount of water-borne hardeners on shoe materials or cloth products can accelerate the curing degree, make them not yellowish but also achieve bonding effect. In fact, the industry applications such as shoe material bonding and cloth bonding will tend to choose this hardener, so the hardener has low viscosity. Low color, non-flammable, easy to clean, easy to use and other excellent properties, so it can be used to help water-borne adhesives to speed up the bonding speed, is a guarantee to greatly enhance the bonding efficiency and quality of shoe materials or cloth and other types of products when the gluing robot is executed.
Barreled water hardener
Function of backdraft lifting dispensing valve
Lifting dispensing valve plays an important role in controlling the use of rubber as a control part. Intelligent control of the dispensing robot is inseparable from the dispensing valve. In practice, the high fluidity of low-viscosity water-borne adhesive often makes it difficult to recover parts after dispensing. The lifting dispensing valve will produce a period of suction pressure to make the low-viscosity rubber material suck back and avoid drip leakage. After precise control of the dispensing valve, a proper amount of water-based hardener will be added to meet the demand of adhesion, which will greatly improve the application of shoe material adhesion and cloth adhesion.
Standard backdraft dispensing valve
Excellent environmental protection to enhance the bonding effect
Intelligent glue-coating robot controls the control of rubber through pressure. As a kind of hardener, water-borne hardener can be applied to many kinds of water-borne adhesives and provide different hardening speed. It has low viscosity, low color, non-flammable, easy to clean, easy to use, and can be applied to wet adhesive point position to promote curing and play a good role in improving adhesion. At the same time, wear resistance and other characteristics once became an auxiliary tool for the application of glue-coating robot. The lifting dispensing valve sent out instructions to move and locate the glue through the glue-coating machine, and applied part of the water-borne hardener to the glue level to promote the curing degree.
Shoe Material Adhesive
Waterborne hardener is only used to promote the degree of solidification of shoe adhesive and cloth adhesive. It needs to be used with stabilized and controlled adhesive coating to achieve effective solidification.
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