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Brief description of details of injection needle holder

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With the continuous improvement of the value of the screw injection needle, it has become an auxiliary part of the internal standard allocation. The more precise the injection needle seat represents the finer and more complete the needle seat. Accordingly, this paper will briefly introduce the value of the needle seat and the assistant strength of the dispensing accuracy. For the screw injection needle, the injection needle seat and needle. The wear and tear application degree is the condition that affects the service life, and the seam sealing of aluminium material and the viscose of air-conditioned plastic shell need to keep the stable supply of rubber for a long time, so the needle seat plays a prominent role.
Screw-moulded steel dispensing needle
Explain the important role of needle holder
In fact, it is worthwhile to use the end of the dispensing needle as a plastic part of the needle-tube kit. This position determines the safety and stability of the needle-tube for a long time. It can be used for flow injection of various viscosities of rubber materials. After a long time of use, the residual glue of the needle should be cleared for smoother and stable control. The screw-mouth injection needle belongs to the category of the needle-tube. Most automatic glue dispensing aids are selected and can be aligned by sleeving them to the needle barrel or rubber valve position. The thread structure of the glue injection needle base is convenient for better reinforcement and stability improvement. The shape of the screw is the characteristic of the needle. The reinforcement of the needle base is to achieve the effect of rotation and tightening through this function, and only to maintain it. Maintaining a stable injection effect can meet the production needs of seam sealant for aluminium and viscose for air-conditioned plastic shell.
Disposable glue injection needle
The impact of long-term use
Because the injection needle holder needs to be sleeved to the rubber valve or syringe for a long time, if the process of revolving removal or installation is too much, it will cause the problem of unstable locking for the thread of the needle holder. The subsequent fixture will have some influence. It is necessary to select the injection needle for a period of time and check whether or not the injection needle should be completed. There are some residual glue clogging or sticking. At this time, we should clean the needle residual glue in a reasonable way and prevent the clogging effect caused by covering. We should choose heating method or use specific solution to clean the residual glue without attaching the clogging needle. Only by removing the residual glue can we avoid the clogging of needle seat or needle when injecting glue. The process of closing the residual glue of the cleaning needle can be understood according to the relevant information.
Multi-specification plastic-steel dispensing needle
In order to make the joint seals of aluminium materials and the adhesives of air-conditioned plastic shells more executable, attention should be paid to the selection of injection needle holders and needles, considering that the residual glue of needles should be reused or replaced directly through cleaning.
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