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Differentiation between durable single-tube metal needle and

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The application of dispensing technology has been widely used in industries such as glue injection, coating and viscose seals. In fact, this kind of dispensing needle belongs to one kind of metal needle. The special single-tube metal needle has a high cost and good control of glue injection, dispensing and stable use. The life of the injection or dispensing needle is selected according to the standard of the needle nozzle.
Metal tube needle
Differentiation between durable metal needle and screw injection needle
The needle tube made of metal material has the characteristics of durability, high service life and diversification of application, which is also the function of single-tube metal needle. The needle structure includes needle seat, which is made of all metals. It can be used in control-oriented glue injection with a variety of special fluids or paints. Quasi-selection of different specifications of metal needles, and screw injection needles are only metal needles, so the durability is not as durable as this all-metal needle, and screw injection needles can not be used for a long time need to be replaced repeatedly, combined with the advantages of aluminum seam sealing or air conditioning plastic shell adhesive applications. Links are more inclined to choose single-tube metal needles as accessories.
Screw moulded steel needle
Consider the practical problems of industry application
Why do the main choices of screw injection needles in actual production, such as seam sealing between viscose shell and aluminium material, are the majority? Because of the reasons of cost and application effect, single tube metal needle belongs to all-metal material with high cost. The cost of standard screw-shaped injection needle is low. It can be used for many types of counter-position glue supply. It can be used for various viscous fluids to control the glue production. Of course, it can also be supplied with high viscous glue for glue coating, which meets the needle nozzle when selecting. Standard selection is then added to the dispensing valve or automatic control of dispensing syringe. Due to the low cost and applicability of this needle, single-tube metal needle is mainly used in more precise and stable demand for glue supply and other electronic products. Therefore, the injection of standard items for selection of work such as aluminium seam sealing and air-conditioned plastic shell glue is preferred. Needle is enough.
Adhesive for Plastic Shell of Air Conditioner
In summary, the application industry of single-tube metal needle mainly focuses on the long-term stable rubber supply in the electronic industry. When selecting, the suitable type should be selected according to the needle nozzle standards of the industry to complete the work of sealant viscose injection.
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