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The selection of dispensing needle is mainly based on the st

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The dispensing needle belongs to the tool that can be loaded and unloaded at the bottom of the syringe or rubber valve. The dispensing position at the bottom is the position of the needle nozzle of the needle. Generally speaking, the standard of needle nozzle chosen for injection or sealing will vary appropriately. For example, the size of needle nozzle used for sealing viscose determines the width and fineness of the glue amount, regardless of the special type. Single tube metal needle or standard screw injection needle also has the influence of selection problems. The selection criteria of such problems will directly affect the application effect in the industry, such as seam sealing of aluminium material or viscose plastic shell of air conditioning.
Metal tube stainless steel dispensing needle
Selection of Needle Nozzle for Special Single Tube Metal Needle
Among many injection aids, single tube metal needle is a special accessory. It can be used in long-term counterpart glue supply applications because it is made of all metal materials. Unlike standard screw injection, this dispensing needle can be reused for a long time (to be cleaned), and the standard needle nozzle needs to be selected. It is well known that the higher the number of specifications, the more fine the needle and the smaller and uniform the amount of glue produced. Therefore, needle nozzles suitable for precise control of rubber compound should select fine categories so as to facilitate repeated use of sealant injection in fine seam compound, and select suitable ones. Precision needle nozzle can make single tube metal needle suitable for aluminum seam sealing or air conditioning plastic shell viscose applications.
Multi-specification single-tube needle
Selection Tendency of Standard Needle Nozzle
Compared with the special circular single-tube metal needle, the standard screw injection needle has outstanding effect in many applications. The standard screw injection needle is made by unique technology, precision polishing without the influence of hairy edge problem, good structure manufacturing realizes the precision of glue production and prevents the emergence of wire drawing problems, double screw locking and so on. Large area rotary design is easy to install to the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, which not only makes the cooperation safer but also makes the disassembly easier. The standard needle nozzle of this type is diversified and can be selected according to the demand. The tendency of choosing to complete the work of seam sealing of aluminium material or viscose of plastic shell of air conditioning is also different. This kind of needle belongs to the category of needle. For consumables with standard allotment, if there is blocking glue in application, it can be discarded and replaced directly.
Plastic steel needle nozzle
Aluminum type semi-finished seam seals require fine compound and stable path coating, so the selection of needle nozzle standards is also different. Standard screw nozzle injection needles can choose different sizes according to the needs of seam seals. In addition to aluminium seam seals, applications such as air conditioning plastic shell viscose are also based on the same. This requires different selection criteria.
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