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Special dispensing valves are needed for long-term capacitan

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Capacitance is a type of many electronic components, which belongs to the small-sized components containing charge. It plays a prominent role in tuning, bypass, coupling, filtering and other circuits. Some capacitors are encapsulated with viscose packaging, such as resin, which is used to protect the internal electrolyte, electrolyte and other glue, so as to make the capacitance encapsulated with good glue. It is recommended that a special metering dispensing valve be used as a precise accessory for stabilizing material supply.
50V Capacitor Encapsulation
Brief Introduction of Function and Function of Special Dispensing Valve
As a control valve, metering dispensing valve determines the application effect of whole packaging, encapsulation and filling. The pneumatic driving control mode enables the compound to be transported stably to the position of viscose to achieve the effect of encapsulation, protection and encapsulation. Capacitance can be placed on the automatic dispensing machine, and metering dispensing valve can be installed precisely. Controlling the glue control coating function to meet the demand can be used to continuously finish dispensing, glue coating, glue filling protection or encapsulation, metering control and controlling the glue to the demand range through pressure setting. The top fine-tuning device is convenient to better adjust the amount of encapsulation such as viscose packaging to achieve precise volume metering control. The purpose of the compound is that there are specific requirements in capacitance encapsulation and resistance encapsulation of continuous dispensing coating. The mode of metering control guarantees the stable control of encapsulation and encapsulation compound and can effectively produce capacitance encapsulation for a long time.
Metering jet dispensing valve
Precision control of rubber material has good anti-leakage effect
The internal structure of capacitors and resistors is more precise, and electrolytes and electrolytes may be stored in them. In order to prevent leakage or leakage in normal use, special gum-filling protection is needed to achieve good viscose effect. Special metering dispensing valves support this kind of low and medium viscosity flow. Precision control of the volume is based on metering mode to control the uniformity, stability and low deviation of the compound. It is suitable for the protection of viscose packaging of products including resistors and capacitors. Precision control of selective metering dispensing valves, such as batch resistance encapsulation or capacitance encapsulation, is relatively prominent and stable.
Micrometer metering adjustment dispensing valve
The mode of metering dispensing valve with automatic equipment to control compound is suitable for various applications such as filling, packaging and encapsulation, including capacitance encapsulation and resistance encapsulation.
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