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Types of dispensing valves and needle barrels recommended fo

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Lightning protectors are needed to protect electronic circuits from electric surges and destroy equipment. This tool is mainly used for overhead transmission lines and to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the insulation of equipment while power supply stops supplying steadily. It is necessary to greatly reduce the average value of control glue error in the filling process of lightning protectors. There are also differences in the selection types of the closing dispensing valve and the dispensing needle barrel. This is to ensure that the electronic components inside the lightning protector can achieve a good and stable filling protection. When using the lightning protector, problems such as needle plugging or rubber valve plugging should be avoided as far as possible. Therefore, the recommended dispensing valve and needle barrel are lifting dispensing valve or needle barrel respectively. Plastic sealant cylinder, etc.
The power supply blew out and you poured the sealant.
Special lifting functional control compound
The lifting dispensing valve is mainly used in industries with large demand, such as lightning protector filling or soft lamp filling, while the plastic sealing cartridge is suitable for small demand filling applications. The dispensing valve belongs to the precision device of automatic control compound. The lifting function manufactures the backdraft pressure and low viscosity flow. The back pressure will affect the recovery of the dispensing needle, and the prevention of glue leakage is one of its remarkable characteristics. The backdraft lifting function controls the glue to be non-wiredrawing, non-dripping and quick breaking. The selection of lifting dispensing valve meets the requirements of precision control indexes such as lightning protector filling and glue filling, and the control of glue error is more effective. Because this control mode can stably control the seam position of rubber coating and filling to lightning protector to achieve viscose fixed protection, and is suitable for filling the same type of soft lamp strip, the rubber valve should be removed and cleaned after a long period of feeding to avoid needle plugging problems similar to plastic sealant cylinder.
Backdraft lifting control rubber valve
Application of Simple PP Plastic Sealant Cylinder
Environmentally friendly plastic sealant drum is a simple accessory, which can be installed in automatic dispensing machine or link controller to control manual filling. Because lightning arrester needs a long time to be applied to protect circuit against high voltage impact, the link of implementing lightning arrester filling needs a higher degree of stability and efficiency, and the lifting point is selected. Rubber valves are a precise way to control the filling material. The plastic sealing rubber cylinder is low cost, easy to use and pollution-free. It can be carried to automatic equipment without too much preparation to complete the application and production of lightning protection box filling and soft lamp bar filling. After long-term use of this kind of sealing rubber cylinder, the problem of plugging rubber needle cylinder should be cleaned to avoid construction. Errors in gluing of ready-made feeds occur.
PP plastic sealant cartridge
Lightning arrester filling and soft lamp filling are also based on the need to avoid the influence of external materials on the internal, according to the selection of different types of dispensing syringes or dispensing valves will affect the overall effect of glue filling.
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