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Discussion on the Instructions and Methods for the Use of Pr

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Before starting the instructions for the use of dispensing pressure barrel, let's talk about what glue is commonly used in dispensing machine. The dispensing machine often uses a lot of glue. It can be said that it has the same number of products. Each glue has different properties. The glue used usually has many channels. The glue can't use dispensing machine, just understand it. Some of the more common glue, to meet some basic dispensing needs of the industry, and explain the advantages of using dispensing pressure barrel.
Dispensing barrel
First, the common types of glue
Dispensing machine glue commonly used glue, silver glue, red glue, hot melt glue, silica gel, AB glue, quick-drying glue, tin paste, epoxy resin glue, base glue, black glue, anaerobic glue, high temperature resistant glue, latex white glue and so on are commonly used glue, can use channel dispensing machine to control dispensing, but need to replace some accessories. In order to meet the production needs, there are several kinds of glue on the dispensing valve requirements are relatively high, similar to silica gel, hot melt glue, red glue, anaerobic glue need to be equipped with a special dispensing valve to complete the control role.
Adhesive pressure tank
Second, the use instructions and problems of dispensing pressure barrel should be paid attention to.
What type of glue is required for dispensing pressure drums? Certain demand, automatic production does not need to replace or may be separated dispensing, the use of dispensing pressure barrel can meet the continuous dispensing requirements of a variety of automatic dispensing machines, but the use of dispensing pressure barrel instructions should be noted, otherwise it is particularly easy to lack glue supply, resulting in glue shortage, glue daily output is very large.
Horizontal filling pressure barrel
Third, the use of pressure barrels
What is the application method of pressure drum using dispensing machine? In fact, it is relatively simple to understand the nature of glue, and then observe the concentration of glue. It is particularly easy for the condensation type to continue mixing to avoid condensation. The glue concentration is the same and there is glue with low glue concentration. A stirring device is also needed. Then the glue is added to the sealed air pressure pipe of the dispensing barrel, the pressure reducing valve, the explosion-proof valve and so on. To avoid air leakage, then connect the rubber hose to the dispensing machine for connection. Firstly, after the pressure barrel is full of air pressure, the dispenser is used to extract the material, so that there will be no intermittent glue shortage.
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