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Introduction of Common Types of Dispenser Valves on the Mark

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Spray valve
The type of dispensing valve is suitable for low viscosity fluids, especially for fluids with a viscosity less than 1000 CPS. The viscosity of water is 1 CPS and that of mustard is about 200,000 cps. To choose the right spray valve, consider the injection angle of the valve itself and the control module. The control module ensures that the fluid is atomized before injection, and after injection, it can quickly return to its original state, thus preventing the fluid from clogging in the valve. Spray valves are usually used for three types of coatings.
Red micrometer precision spray valve
Needle valve
Because of its high operability to liquids, needle valves are suitable for all kinds of one-component fluids and for micro-adhesive applications. These valves are usually adjustable to operate high viscous non-filled fluids at high pressures. The needle valves have different working lengths, so they are suitable for gluing applications of medium and low viscous fluids. The needle valves have needles, which are installed between the wet chamber and the moving parts. The needle can be replaced so that the inspection plan can be carried out according to the number of movement of the needle valve. Needle valves are not suitable for use with abrasive fluids to prevent blockage of passages in valves.
Diaphragm valve
Diaphragm valves are used for adjustable high frequency sizing applications and are suitable for many low and medium viscosity fluids, such as glue, solvents and abrasive materials. Diaphragm valve is a special type of dispensing valve because of its light weight and easy maintenance.
Short Pipe Valve
The short pipe valve is suitable for high viscosity slurry, syrup and gel solution. In order to transport high viscosity fluid, the sliding valve must be operated under high pressure. This type of valve has suction function.
Short tube valves are also suitable for marking applications. Under some automatic control, the sliding valve can be distributed along the sealed track.
Lift-back dispensing valve
Hoist valve
Lift valves are similar to short-pipe valves, for example, they have inhalation functions. However, lifting valves are suitable for fluids with low to medium viscosities and can control less glue than short-pipe valves.
Pinch Valve
For disposable dispensing parts, the pinch valve is suitable for solvent-based corrosive fluids.
Under clamping control, the valve can perform medium precision, repeatable size adjustment operation. Pinch valves are usually used for sizing applications of two-component mixed fluids and flash drying materials. Pinch valves must be replaced within a specified time limit, and the replacement cost is low, which is also a commonly used type of dispensing valves.
Screw dispensing valve
Volume valve
Volume valves are used for high precision micro-operation. Volume valves are divided into two types: gas control valves and electric control valves. Electric control valve is also called screw valve. Choose one of these two types according to the viscosity of the fluid and the amount of rubber distributed. The operating viscosity of pneumatic valve is lower than that of spiral valve. At the same time, the price of pneumatic valve is relatively low.
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