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What problems do you usually encounter when using spray valv

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1. spray valve leakage usually occurs after the closure of the rubber valve. This spray valve problem 95% is caused by the small diameter of the needle used. The dispensing needle will affect the flow of liquid and cause back pressure, which will lead to leakage shortly after the valve closes. When the spray valve starts to use, too small needles will also affect the discharge of bubbles. This problem can be solved by replacing the larger needle. The back pressure produced by the tapered oblique needle is small and the liquid flows smoothly. When the rubber valve closes, the air in the liquid leaks. Air in liquids should be excluded in advance or glue that is not easy to contain bubbles should be used. Or centrifuge and defoam the glue before use.
Micrometer spray dispensing valve
2. The inconsistency of gum spraying is mainly caused by the unstable air pressure of pressure barrel or storage liquid when gum discharging is inconsistent. The inlet pressure gauge shall be set 10-15 lbs/square inch lower than the factory pressure, and the pressure used in the pressure barrel shall be higher than the low pressure part of the pressure gauge avoided in the middle of the pressure gauge. The control pressure of the spray valve should be at least 60 pounds / square inch to ensure stable glue output. The glue output time should be checked. If it is less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue output will be unstable. After checking, the glue output time will become more stable.
Rotary spray dispensing valve
3. the problem with the use of spray valves may be due to the slow flow rate. If the flow rate is too slow, the pipe should be changed from 1/4"to 3/8". If it is not necessary, the pipeline should be as short as possible.
4. if the opening time of the spray valve is too short, the excessive fluid pressure caused by the bubbles in the fluid may cause the air to permeate the liquid. The solution is to reduce fluid pressure and use tapered tilted needles.
Rotary spray dispensing valve
5. instant glue (fast drying glue) plugging glue valve connector and pipe is also one of the spray valve problems, mainly due to excessive moisture or instantaneous glue reuse. Fresh instantaneous glue should be used. Pipeline shall be thoroughly cleaned with acetone and shall not be damped. The air used should be completely dry, and the filter should be installed between the factory air pressure and the rubber valve system. (If the above method is still ineffective, nitrogen should be used for cleaning. )
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