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How to replace glue for dispensing valve

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Many customers use automatic dispensing equipment to make products. Because of different technologies, they may need to replace glue when choosing other types of products. If different kinds of glue are mixed together, it will cause chemical reaction, which will produce harmful substances in the glue, and the result will be that the products do not meet the quality requirements. Therefore, when dispensing valve replaces glue, it must do a good job of cleaning.
Standard micrometer thimble dispensing valve
1. Please confirm the glue cleaner with the glue supplier.
2. Close the bottom valve of AB barrel.
3. Operating equipment gluing, glue residue in the dispensing valve, high-pressure ferrofluoride hose and AB pump, can be used to check the change of the glue volume of the dispensing valve, to judge that the internal glue is empty.
4. The total power of the enclosed equipment.
5. Remove the hose at the bottom of the bucket, open the valve and drain the remaining glue from the bucket.
6. Close the bottom valve of the barrel, pour a proper amount of detergent into the barrel, and thoroughly clean the remaining glue on the barrel wall and bottom.
7. Open the bottom valve of the pressure barrel to discharge the sewage to ensure that there is no residue in the pressure barrel.
8. Remove the AB pump and clean the internal glue of the pump (this must be handled by the removal pump operator).
9. Put the clean AB pump back in place and connect it from head to bucket hose.
10. Replace the high-pressure ferrofluorine hose.
11. Pour new glue into pressure drum to replace glue.
Special rubber cleaning agent
12. Open the equipment and gently push the glue for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure that the glue can be used with the dispensing valve properly.
13. Control the control ratio of dispensing valve to AB glue from the beginning.
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