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Application scope and advantages of stainless steel dot glue

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The dispensing industry in recent years by various manufacturing industry concerns, with the expansion of application, dispensing machine auxiliary equipment manufacturing industry has become essential, mainly responsible for the bonding or package, thus driving the related accessories sales, which is the necessary dispensing needle dispensing machine accessories, consumables are commonly used in the dispensing in the industry, stainless steel needles is the most common dispenser dispensing equipment, application of stainless steel needles is very wide, it is used in bonding work or work packages have a very effective working effect.
Precision stainless steel dot glue needle
The utility of stainless steel needles is very wide, the stainless steel needle problem is not easy to deform or wear in long-term dispensing work, glue with certain corrosion resistance, while the stainless steel needles has certain corrosion resistance, are not affected by the glue dispensing, ensuring high quality of dispensing is realized high service life, so most users will choose to use stainless steel needles.
Stainless steel hand glue needle
Because the stainless steel needles have strong corrosion resistance to light characteristics, so the main application in high speed dispensing equipment, perform any work can be done by dispensing the best working condition, the dispensing object after have characteristics of coating uniformity, strong docking effect, and high cost performance, so can effectively complete the work without bulk dispensing qualitative change.
Multi tube stainless steel dot glue needle
Flat needle made of stainless steel to complete more high precision dispensing work, contact area of flat needle than needles contact more general, can effectively prevent from excessive dispensing caused by scratching the object, improve the yield rate of dispensing objects.
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