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Summary of Common Problems in Operating Dispenser Valve

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The dispensing valve relies on the spool to close the flow path entrance of the connected needle needle pipe directly, so as to achieve a very precise micro-dropping up to 0.0005 ml. The dispensing valve can not avoid some troubles in the use process. Here are some troubles and solutions encountered.
Double liquid control dispensing valve


Reasons for Probable Dispenser Valve Problems and Removal Methods


Non-liquid flow out of dispensing valve
Too low liquid pressure increases liquid pressure in liquid containers
Operating pressure is too low; increase the pressure of dispensing valve controller to 70 psi (4.8 bar)


Blockage or damage of needles
Replacement needle; liquid solidified in dispensing valve chamber to remove valve and thoroughly clean valve
Close the dispensing valve switch
Turn on the regulator counter-clockwise
Liquid pressure instability
Ensure constant hydraulic pressure
The working pressure of dispensing valve is too low
Operating pressure of dispensing valve of controller rises to 70 psi (4.8 bar)
Anaerobic glue dispensing valve
Inconsistent opening time of valves
Check the dispensing valve controller to ensure that it provides stable air pressure output to reduce dispensing valve problems
Gas trapped in valve shield
Gas is discharged from the valve, and the liquid drops after the valve closes and stops after a period of time.
Backdraft dispensing control valve
Gas trapped in liquid shield
Exhaust gas from valve
The leak at the needle joint is defective
Replacement of needles to ensure needle series and reduce dropping dispensing valve problems
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