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Causes the dispensing valve dropping glue problem influence?

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Poor quality, leakage, low processing accuracy, valve can not be closed, will lead to dropping glue dispensing valve.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
If the dispensing valve is used for too long or the colloid itself is corrosive, the seal will be damaged. In this case, when the glue valve closes, there will be a sealing gap, which will absorb a large number of buckles, and will also drop the glue. Therefore, when the glue valve is used for a long time, it will drop the glue. First, replace the seal for testing! Chapter II
3. The rubber particles are too large and the proportion is too large, which leads to the wear of the sealing ring. The quality of rubber substitutes is good and the problem is solved.
4. If the pressure is too low, the gum will fall off. If the pressure is too low, the cylinder will not be able to move up and down, resulting in insufficient suction and dropping glue on the dispensing valve. Try to increase the pressure a little.\
After closing the rubber valve, leakage will often occur in the future dispensing. 95% of the reasons are the use of small-caliber needles. If the needle tube is too small, it will affect the flow of liquid and lead to back pressure, which will cause leakage shortly after closing the valve. When the rubber valve starts to use, the needle will also affect the function of the exhaust bubbles. This problem will lead to the problem of dropping glue in dispensing valves, which can be solved by replacing larger needles.
Anaerobic glue dispensing valve
When the rubber valve closes, the air in the liquid will drip. The best way is to remove the air in the liquid beforehand, or use rubber which is not easy to produce bubbles, or centrifuge to remove bubbles before use.
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