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Do you know the skills and elements of selecting dispensing

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What are the techniques for selecting dispensing needles? In fact, there are still some, otherwise it is easy to cause needle blockage. According to dispensing requirements, there are many ways to choose dispensing needles. For example, if the glass dispenser uses quick-drying glue, it needs to use Teflon needles. Other needles are easily blocked. There are still many techniques for selecting dispensing needles. Needle selection can actually be based on the principle of three-dimensional dispensing.
Plastic steel dispensing needle
The Skills of Selecting Dispenser Needle
Due to the improvement of dispensing technology, the dispensing industry requires higher accuracy for three-dimensional dispensing machines, and the selection of dispensing needles has become a concern of manufacturers. Usually, the dispensing accuracy will be affected by the dispensing valve. In fact, only half of those who think so are right. The accuracy of dispensing needle will also affect the dispensing effect of the product. Why does the glass dispenser need to follow the dispensing needle in the dispensing process? In fact, in order to control the dispensing accuracy, a hand-held teaching box is used to control the dispensing time of the dispensing valve so as to control the dispensing amount of the dispensing needle. This is the working principle of dispensing control of three-axis dispensing, and there is a certain degree of agreement with the selection of dispensing needle.
Plastic dispensing needle
Pressure setting should be suitable for dispensing needle
If the selection of dispensing needle is not appropriate, the dispensing quantity and even the product quality of the three-dimensional dispensing machine can not be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing dispensing needle, the suitable dispensing needle should be selected according to the properties of glue, dispensing requirements, dispensing accuracy requirements and air pressure requirements. Although hand-held teaching box is used to set dispensing parameters of three-dimensional dispensing machine, dispensing accuracy is not affected, dispensing time can only be controlled. Conflict with air pressure can also lead to many dispensing problems, such as glue dropping from glue valve, glue leakage from glue valve, plugging of needle, etc. It needs to be operated and selected according to the working principle of three-dimensional dispensing. Choose.
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