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Cause Analysis of Rubber Valve Failure Used to Control Dispe

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Automatic dispensing machine is an advanced product of ordinary dispensing machine. Mainly used for packaging and batching in the light emitting diode industry and electronic industry. It is a dispensing device with various functions and convenient use. Glue valve is an important tool to ensure the smooth dispensing of all automatic dispensing machines. If there is a malfunction, it is easy to cause the automatic dispensing machine to work badly, affecting the effect of finished products. This is mainly caused by many factors.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
1. Working Pressure
Some dispensing valves perform dispensing by air pressure. The working pressure value ensures that the quality of the point gum can be doubled under the standard quantity. Usually, the failure of dispensing valve is mainly caused by the low working pressure, which easily leads to the problem of slow dispensing. When the glue flow is too slow, it may begin to solidify slowly in the whole automatic dispensing machine, resulting in the blockage of the dispensing valve. Therefore, there may be some problems such as the failure of dispensing valve. In the process of debugging and calibration, the working pressure must be determined to prevent the gas pressure from working in the unstable stage.
Large flow silicone dispensing valve
2. Leakage failure
Rubber leakage in automatic dispensing machine is a common problem in rubber valve failure. Usually, when the dispensing valve closes, the needle selection is too small, which is prone to reverse pressure, leading to the leakage of the glue valve when the glue returns. The problem of glue backpressure can be solved by replacing a large needle. Of course, it is also necessary to ensure the good sealing of the glue valve, which should be determined in the selection stage of dispenser.
Control system of dispensing machine
3. Programming problems
Generally speaking, in the dispensing process, all automatic dispensing machines will be delayed starting before closing. This is to avoid glue residue in the gap between the glue valve and the glue outlet. If the glue closure delay is not performed, it will be easy to plug and cause the glue valve failure. So this should be taken into account in programming.
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