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Observing special needle requirements according to visual di

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Special needle requirements for automatic visual dispensing machine
The high precision dispensing mode of automatic visual dispensing machine is realized by visual positioning function. The dispensing needle used should have higher accuracy. The application of high precision dispensing needle is very important. The expanding demand of LED industry and communication industry highlights the importance of dispensing needles. The structure of the invention is smaller and the automatic dispensing control precision is higher. On the production line with high precision requirement, the automatic visual dispensing machine has many precise needles, which have the characteristics of high precision and high cost performance.
Various plastic-steel dispensing needles
Characteristics of High Precision Needle for Visual High Speed Dispenser
High-speed dispensing process has high requirements for the relevant accessories. In addition to meeting the visual high-speed dispensing machine work efficiency, but also to meet the accuracy of product production. The clamp on the top of the high-precision dispensing needle can be used for fixing, which makes it difficult for the visual high-speed dispensing machine to drop the needle in the long-term high-precision dispensing work. Different specifications of high-precision dispensing needles are suitable for the production process of various products, and there are special needle requirements.
Long tube dispensing needle
High Precision Needle Helps Visual Dispenser Improve Quality
Visual dispensing machine is equipped with high precision dispensing needle, which can avoid the problems of wire drawing blockage in dispensing process. The application of high precision needle in heating process is more obvious, which reduces the input of cleaning force, allows more glue to be discharged from small glue port, and improves the dispensing accuracy after positioning. It is of great significance to use high-precision special needles in the production of light-emitting diode industry and semiconductor industry. Visual dispensing machine will move after positioning for coating and dispensing. The introduction of high-precision needle makes dispensing more uniform and stable, eliminating the adverse effects of glue deviation and leakage, which are the special needle requirements of choice.
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