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Summarize the importance of selecting dispensing needle

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In the dispensing industry, high-speed automatic dispensing machine has been recognized by users. The automatic dispensing system can complete high precision and high speed dispensing operation mode, reduce human input and reduce the glue error of curing adhesive. Automatic dispensing workload, the selected dispensing needle specifications need to be selected according to actual needs, which will be more in line with the implementation effect of the industry brand. There is a certain connection between the special adhesive treatment effect of hot melt adhesive and the selection of dispensing needle specifications. This time, the rationality of selecting dispensing needle will be briefly explained.
Plastic Steel Dropping Rubber Needle
Size effect
The size of dispensing needle ranges from 144 to 34G. The greater the number, the higher the accuracy of the dispensing needle. Select about 30G dispensing needle for various curing adhesives. The treatment effect is more stable and meets the stability of high-speed dispensing. If a dispensing needle of about 15G is selected with a large amount of glue and poor control, the cured adhesive must be washed repeatedly. If hot melt glue is chosen, the impact will be more direct, so the well-known brand of dispensing machine is stricter in choosing dispensing needle.
PP plastic needle
Types and specifications of contact dispensing needles
Most automatic dispensing machines support the use of stainless steel dispensing needles, which are characterized by rigidity and strong adhesion, and are not prone to wear deviation for a long time. It has strong corrosion resistance and can withstand the influence of hot melt adhesives such as high temperature glue. It has wide practical application value. In order to reduce the frequency of hot melt adhesive after cleaning and curing, automatic dispensing machine is equipped with high-specification needles to achieve high precision and speed. The function of dispensing glue can complete the curing of hot melt glue of various products. Therefore, the proper selection of dispensing needle is more stable and accurate for the treatment of hot melt adhesives. It is a commonly used dispensing needle in high-speed dispensing machine.
PP flexible needle is also a dispensing needle supported by high-speed automatic dispensing machine. The needle made of PP material ensures that the surface of the contact product is not scratched, and the error is low and the needle is more selective. The length of needle tube needs to be cut at will to complete the replacement of dispensing needle size.
Teflon needle is mainly used for dispensing of instant dry adhesives. The use of Teflon needle can effectively prevent the blockage of instantaneous pre-bonding and curing, reduce the input of washing and curing adhesives. The dispensing effect of low-viscosity fluid is very good. Teflon needle can be used to control the amount of curing adhesives. It is a special dispensing needle often deployed by a famous dispensing machine brand. Head.
Soft Brush Glue-coated Needle
It can be seen from the above that the size of dispensing needle has a very obvious effect on the curing adhesive. To ensure the stability of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, the frequency of washing and curing needs to be reduced. The dispensing machine brand is compatible with various dispensing needles, and the adhesive recommended by multi-users will be more in line with the actual production needs of users.
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