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Characteristic and Characteristic of Piezoelectric Valve for

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Piezoelectric valves are devices that need to be used for non-contact dispensing. Non-contact dispensing is a dispensing method using injection spraying. Because spraying glue in this way, the viscosity of glue should not be too large. This dispensing technology needs to equip the spray dispensing machine with unique high precision and high-altitude sensors. The glue obtains a lot of kinetic energy under the action of air pressure. The characteristics of piezoelectric valve are sprayed on the surface of the coating at a certain speed, and the piezoelectric valve is selected to control the spraying. Its characteristic is that it can save the useless process of continuous gluing, and produce at a faster speed.
Piezoelectric electric electric dispensing valve
Characteristics of High Performance Piezoelectric Valve
Piezoelectric valve is a high performance jet valve, which can be re-injected with low viscosity liquid, and its injection speed can reach 300 Hz. Internal tools such as spray nozzles and pins can be easily replaced. Piezoelectric valve actuators and precise components can be used separately for easy maintenance. Therefore, the price of jet dispenser equipped with piezoelectric valve is higher than that of other types of coating equipment. The driving device of? Jet valve is controlled by piezoelectric. The characteristic of piezoelectric valve is that the pulse signal can be controlled by low-pressure triggering, and the starting time of the control valve can be completed in 5 milliseconds. Piezoelectric valves can be manufactured in many ways. Spraying glue in the industry can complete a number of uninterrupted injection, with high complexity and high demand rate. The operation of intelligent system can ensure high precision dispensing in high repetitive production environment, and can replace various colloids to meet production needs. Structural lists are easy to clean up and maintain.
Composite piezoelectric dispensing valve
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