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Controlling the location of dispensing needle by partial adj

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The initial position error of the needle is also a key factor affecting the accuracy of dispensing. The position of dispensing needle needs to set target parameters such as acceleration and manual speed in parameter setting interface. By trampling on the teaching device, the influence of position deviation can be determined.
Multi-tube stainless steel dispensing needle
Teaching Programming Device Solves the Positioning Effect of the Position Deviation of the Dispenser Needle
The teaching keys on the main interface can help users complete the positioning settings of dispensing needles. First, the dispensing position is programmed by moving the joystick. After moving to the initial dispensing position, press the teaching button, the system will record the position coordinates of the initial point, set the mode, needle height, time, speed ratio, and then move to other points, then move the coordinate points, according to this method to adjust the position of the needle in turn. After setting up, press the one-step key to observe whether the position of dispensing needle meets the production requirements. If there are no problems, dispensing operation can be carried out, and then return to the main interface, mode set to continuous mode of work. After pressing the reset button, high precision dispensing can be carried out in turn.
Glue-coated long needle
Factors affecting the location of dispensing needle
When the dispensing machine performs dispensing operation, the air pressure pushes the dispensing glue from the needle to the dispensing position, so the position of the dispensing needle usually determines the quality of dispensing. Therefore, we often encounter a series of problems, such as too high viscosity of glue, too slow flow rate, too slow dispensing speed, size of glue point not meeting the expected standard, sometimes too small glue point, sometimes too large glue point, and even needle blockage caused by glue. Through the analysis of these problems, the conclusion is that when dispensing needle is positioned. Selection is very important, so selection and needle positioning and calibration determine whether the production efficiency meets the requirements.
Plastic steel injection dispensing needle
There is also a need for bending needles for production. The bending needle is difficult to align with the position of the dispensing needle, and a more complex calibration process is needed to complete the positioning of the dispensing needle.
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