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Introduction of dispensing controller for adjusting various

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The dispensing machine has very large space in dispensing operation, and dispensing controller is mainly used to set dispensing parameters. It can be used to set dispensing parameters and programming paths. First of all, we must understand how to control all kinds of automatic dispensing equipment manually.
Handheld dispensing controller
The manual flow of dispensing controller needs to be adjusted according to the step selection of control parameters. The front and rear buttons correspond to the front and back control of the X and Y axes of the manual controller, and the height control of the Z axes is located next to the XY control bar. The speed bar will determine the dispensing speed. The precision will be improved when fretting mode is selected, and the production efficiency will be ensured when dispensing glue. There are various 3D dispensing modes in the control bar. Customers can choose different dispensing modes according to their requirements. "Alignment" button will change the operation status of dispensing machine, dispensing controller will automatically align with the starting position.
982 coating dispenser
Focus on Z-axis height setting
The controller is equipped with Z-axis safety restriction function. When the mechanical arm of dispensing machine works, the Z axis will drop when it reaches a certain distance. At this point, the drop must be stopped immediately to avoid damaging the end of the manipulator. The dispensing valve is also in the function of controller limitation. If the operating height is not reached when dispensing, the control system will prompt that in this case stability needs to be confirmed, and then after manual programming adjustment, there is "save" below the micro column. After entering the data and name, press Enter to save. If the dispenser operates in the teaching mode, the dispenser will not be able to select the dispenser. Select other modes for normal operation.
Handheld control panel
Selecting dispensing controller is a stable and unified execution mode of dispensing path. Most dispensers can be connected to the controller to complete parameter setting. The parameter debugging by dispensing controller can improve the quality of production.
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