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What problems and solutions should be paid attention to in t

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No matter how advanced equipment when there are failures, dispensing is unavoidable, as packaging equipment in the industry, is often used in the production process, with the use of range extends constantly, also appeared a lot of problems, but most likely also belongs to the dispensing needle problems, dispensing as one of the key parts of the needle dispensing machine, if the problem will lead to the production, so the role of course is self-evident. Then there is no way to solve what? Here by the system for all users to analyze!
Precision dispensing needle
First, the rubber valve leakage after it usually has finished in the dispensing operation, resulting in the reason most is because the needle nozzle diameter is too small. The needle type is too small but easy to produce glue flow back pressure, resulting in leakage phenomenon after the closure of the dispensing valve; so in the daily operation of the solution is to change the needle type (for large needle) can be produced or the inclined conical needle back.
Brush Needle
Second, how to do: dispensing needle plug plug is a common problem of dispensing needles, this is a serious problem plagued by long time dispensing machine industry. Due to the most fundamental reason is because: Although the needle is one of the most important parts of the dispensing machine, but most are single use needles, this is not completely avoid dispensing operation. But according to the actual situation of glue or replacement type is to ensure the coherence of the dispensing are solved very well.
Plastic needles
Third, the needle usually smaller needles (e.g. flat needle) will lead to air leakage problems caused by epoxy or glue phenomenon, therefore in the dispensing operation to try to use the type of large metal needle or cone oblique needle, minimize the use of Teflon and around the needle.
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