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What is the control function of adding dispensing valve to t

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In the distribution process of dispensing machine and filling machine, it is very important to use dispensing valve and which type of dispensing valve should be used.
Compound ejector dispensing valve
To understand the manifestation of the function of dispensing valve, we must first understand the function of the valve. The dispensing valve is an accessory of dispensing machine equipment, glue filling machine equipment and conformal coating equipment. It is designed to realize the targeted control of product packaging. The function of dispensing valve is mainly to realize the transportation of packaging glue medium, and glue and conformal coating equipment in the packaging process. When the liquid drops, the glue is quickly sucked back to ensure the package quality. In some single-component dispensing systems, if the viscosity of the glue is relatively high and the amount of glue discharged in one pass is very small, the dispensing valve may not be used in this case, and 300 ml glue bucket can be used directly.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
However, in some cases, the amount of glue is relatively large, the liquidity of glue is relatively good, and the process is relatively strict. In order to prevent the dropping of glue, the function of dispensing valve is usually better reflected, especially in the process of glue filling.
Hand-held adhesive dispensing valve
The dispensing valves are divided into different categories. The two kinds of valves commonly used in automatic dispensing machine, glue filling machine and conformal coating equipment are pneumatic valve and electric valve, which have relatively simple structure and are mainly composed of cylinder, valve body and barrel. The new generation of sealing material is separated from the cylinder and valve body to prevent glue from intruding into the cylinder. According to different opening and closing modes, the dispensing valves are divided into plunger dispensing valves and ejector dispensing valves. The components of electric dispensing valve mainly include pump body and actuator. It is simple to install and powerful. In the process of fast and complete medium transportation, the performance of medium will not be affected. All of the above are the elements reflecting the function of dispensing valve.
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