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Driving Degree of Development Direction of Rubber Valve Tech

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Relevant personages in the industry said that dispensing valves are mainly used to control the movement and flow of various fluids in industrial processes, such as water, oil, chemical liquids, etc., depending on parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate, so the current development direction of dispensing valves still follows these points. The commonly used dispensing valves in factories include pressure relief valves and gas valves. Dynamic constant temperature valve, solenoid valve constant temperature system, proportional control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve and other types should be taken into account when selecting various automatic valves, such factors as the type of thermal engine, required precision, control valve quality, pressure drop, flow rate and its structure, failure rate, manufacturer's credit and after-sales service should be taken into account in order to achieve economic and practical. Aim: This time, we will briefly explain the influence of the development direction of domestic rubber valves.
Reciprocating glue dispensing valve
Demand for mechanical fittings and valves is soaring.
As far as the product itself is concerned, the electric valve has the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the automation requirements of the industry. It is a more cost-effective choice for the industry. Because the use of conventional pneumatic valves inevitably requires pipes, solenoid valves, compressors and so on. Electric valves are driven by motors, which are easy to install. The installation of electric valves can match the original automatic control circuit of factories and save other costs. These functions are the manifestation of the development direction of rubber valves. In addition, the switch driven by motors is more stable without the shortcoming of excessive instantaneous impulse, and the failure rate can be high. It's greatly reduced.
Electrically driven dispensing valve
With the continuous development of market science and technology, electric rubber valves are also developing in the direction of high technology content, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. It can be seen that the development direction of rubber valves tends to extend to the needs of users.
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