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Users should be clear about the type of dispensing needle wh

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Firstly, the three needles most commonly used in the packaging process of dispensing machine are big needle, small needle and oblique needle, among which large needle is suitable for dispensing large amount of glue for a long time under high pressure. The needle is suitable for dispensing a small amount of glue in a short time under low pressure. In the process of dispensing some water-borne glue, the needle needs to set dispensing time according to packaging requirements. However, oblique needles are usually used in high pressure dispensing and viscous glue application. The packaging time should be selected according to different packaging requirements.
Plastic steel dispensing needle
At the same time, according to the different properties of glue, dispensing needles also need special settings. Such as accelerator, ultraviolet photoresist, photo-curable adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, sealant and so on, this kind of glue has special fluidity, take instantaneous glue as an example. In the process of instant glue packing, safety pistons and metal needles should be used for packaging. For some high viscosity fast gel, the selection of dispensing needles should be oblique type to complete the packaging operation correctly.
Teflon Glue-coated Needle
(3) To determine the high price of personnel and equipment for maintenance of dispensing machine equipment, and to select responsible personnel with experience in equipment maintenance to carry out routine maintenance work. It is also important to note that maintenance personnel cannot be replaced at will. If necessary, the next one should be handed over.
Daily maintenance is one aspect. Maintenance of dispensing equipment is another key point when equipment fails. Conditional manufacturers need to inspect packaging equipment regularly and maintain it in case of equipment failure.
Bending Glue-coated Needle
(5) In order to facilitate maintenance work, maintenance personnel need to number the operation and maintenance procedures one by one according to the different types of motor equipment, and strictly implement these procedures in the future maintenance process. In the maintenance process, maintenance methods and some spare parts needed for maintenance should be described in detail according to different types of machines, and according to the installation of the equipment. Choose economical and reasonable maintenance methods for different types of equipment, and select dispensing needle should match the selected components.
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