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Classification of spot glue needles in glue dispenser

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With the dispensing machine in continuous improvement, but also need collocation accessories tricks, take the needles for? Currently on the market a variety of dispensing needles, see people get confused. For example: flat needle, screw needles, plastic needles, AB glue glue needle, dispensing needles, stainless steel needles and so many needles, which are stainless steel needles dispensing machine have been used, one is the most popular.
Precision dispensing needle
According to the types of stainless steel needles can be divided into two kinds, ordinary and multi needles, stainless steel multi needle dispensing is to solve those smaller, but a greater demand for glue dispensing products, multi mode can enhance the overall quantity of cement, more rapid completion of dispensing operation; another situation is due to the dispensing products formed outside the hole, if it is a single needle dispensing, dispensing efficiency is too slow, can not meet the requirements in the process of dispensing, so the food appeared multiple needles.
Plastic needles
All kinds of needles have different uses, which, to a certain extent, indicates that the types of dispensing needles are varied, not universal, and the conditions for selection are diverse.
Stainless steel dot glue needle
To select the type of dispensing needle according to the actual operation needs in daily operation. For example: the pressure of small selection reform smaller needle dispensing time and need more glue choosing larger needles; strong adhesive dispensing time longer requires the use of oblique needle; strong pressure, viscous glue dispensing needle is poor you can use a smaller size. This situation must be based on the actual needs and then to reconsider in the actual operation.
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