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Application of selecting brush needle to dispensing machine

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Generally speaking, the surface condition of the product is different. There are many kinds of brush needles that need to be contacted, because the soft hardness and the wool material itself will make the effect of brushing different. For example, if the lens needs to be combined with other components by brushing transparent glue, the glue on the transparent surface cannot be imprinted by the application of the brush needle. If you use ordinary hardness brush needle will have wool brush marks, how to solve this phenomenon, you can choose a soft wool brush head, how to arrange the brush in the brush density and hair softness combined without brush marks, specialized in this field of rich and powerful needle factory must be combined from Rules, formulations and techniques summarized in thousands of experiments.
Various Brush Needles
The application field and durability of brush needle are also very realistic problems. The material of brush must be determined according to the different conditions on site. Needle manufacturers specializing in this field must be found. Considering the relationship between economy, roughness of working face, chemical economy and chemical reaction of brush, we should take this into account. Depending on the type of brush needle used by users, in fact, there are many parameters to consider. Unprofessional manufacturers have no practical experience, so they can not find a solution.
Soft Brush Needle
The application of glue is very meticulous. Man, machine and environment are the main factors. To do this well is to solve the common problems of brush needle application. Every product has one or another situation, there must be solutions, such as if you want to brush a rectangular frame, how can you brush in the corner with a flat-mouthed brush needle? As the width of the angle decreases, the needle will only brush to the side of the product.
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