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Reasons for poor sealing of products

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There are three common reasons for poor sealing in dispensing process, which should be paid attention to in order to improve product quality. The appearance of the seal will definitely affect the quality of products and lead to the appearance of defective products. Does the use of high-end dispenser meet the sealing requirements of the industry to ensure product quality? If you don't pay attention to these problems, you can't solve the production problems in this industry. What are the factors causing poor sealing?
Adapter sealant
In principle, the use of visual spray dispensing machine to seal products should avoid undesirable problems. What are the common problems?
1. Nozzle selection.
2. Debugging of visual spraying machine. In order to quickly meet the production requirements, three factors need to be clarified, such as product attributes. This is necessary for debugging and product application.
AB glue coating machine
In the use of the visual spray dispenser, the high speed spray valve is used as the glue control system, and the choice of the nozzle directly determines the sealing quality. Nozzle types are divided into different sizes. It is particularly important to select nozzles that meet industry requirements. If you do not know the choice of parts to prevent poor sealing, the manufacturer should recommend the necessary configuration to the user.
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