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To maintain stable dispensing, you need a dispensing adapter

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The dispensing adapter is a tool to connect dispensing machine and syringe. It is also called adapter, injection connector and syringe connector. The types of dispensing adapter are different, so the adapters used for dispensing machine are also different. For example, dispensing syringes are divided into Japanese syringes and American syringes, so the corresponding adapters are also divided into Japanese adapters and American adapters.
30CC dispensing adapter
The dispensing adapter is also very elegant. It is manufactured by advanced sealing technology. It combines perfectly with syringe and dispensing machine in size. In addition, it has high-quality sealing rings to ensure the integral sealing and no leakage of dispensing adapter. The adapter is usually made of plastic, and can also be made of all-metal materials, such as aluminium alloy and all-metal, according to customers'needs. Stainless steel, etc. It is equipped with a meter long trachea, can resist high pressure and wear, you can use it safely.
Glue Coating Adapter
The dispensing adapter can be reused, so more dispensing syringes and fewer adapters are usually needed. The quality of casting products such as professional dispensing syringes, dispensing needles and dispensing adapters is always the core interest.
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