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What's the problem of partial damage to the rubber valve fac

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Valves are widely used in all automatic dispensing machines and play a very important role. In addition, there is a great demand for valves in dispensing machinery industry. But in the use process, there will be rubber valve surface damage and other issues. What are the reasons for these problems?
Removing Backdraft Control Valve
1. Mechanical damage
The sealing surface of dispensing valve will be damaged in the process of opening and closing, such as scratch, scratch, extrusion, etc. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure between the two sealing surfaces, atoms penetrate and seep into each other, resulting in adhesion phenomenon. When the two sealing surfaces move each other, adhesion force is easy to be pulled and teared, and the sealing surface is rougher. This phenomenon is more likely to occur. In the closing process of the rubber valve and disc returning to the seat, the sealing surface will be scratched and extruded, resulting in local wear or depression of the sealing surface and other phenomena of rubber valve surface damage.
Coated anaerobic rubber valve
2. Media erosion
This is the result of wear, washing and cavitation of the sealing surface when the medium moves. At a certain speed, the floating particles in the medium collide with the sealing surface to cause local damage. The high-speed moving medium directly washes the sealing surface to cause local damage. When the medium mixes and evaporates locally, the bubble film will impact the sealing surface and cause local damage. Therefore, the alternation of medium erosion and chemical erosion will strongly erode the sealing surface, resulting in the damage of the rubber valve surface.
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