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Knowing thixotropic fluids facilitates the selection of fitt

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In the production process, only by fully understanding and mastering the characteristics of dispensing equipment and materials can the normal operation of dispensing machine and product quality be ensured. Therefore, it is necessary to have a preliminary understanding of fluid characteristics and size application.
Thixotropic Coating Fluid
We need to consider some thixotropic properties of liquids, which are difficult to pour out of thixotropic liquids, but when stirred, these liquids will become more easily creamy and relatively easy to pour out. Ketchup is a good example. The requirements for the viscosity fluid of syrup are the same as those for gel, but this fluid is usually stored in a non degassing capacity. Installation. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how to pump thixotropic fluid in the container into the dispensing valve to degasse it.
Barreled tin paste
Paste has high viscosity in thixotropic fluids and can be directly inhaled from packaging containers. Usually, this fluid has been degassed, but it still needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer. Pneumatic dispensing valves for paste fluids include short tube valves, lifting valves and high pressure needle valves. Electric spiral valves are recommended for high viscosity thixotropic fluids. Application of micro point size.

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