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Why do glue bubbles?

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Bubbles are prone to occur in the dispensing process.
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Specific reasons:
1. The problem of glue bubbles is related to the cleanliness of the product surface. For example, the environment of the production workshop has not been cleaned for a long time, so it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning.
2. Incorrect glue mixing method
Solution: Stirring must be clockwise, and as far as possible to maintain a direction, if clockwise stirring, and then anti-clockwise stirring, it may make the glue bubble, in addition, the stirring process can not be too fast.
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3. This may be related to the sealing of the equipment itself. If the equipment is not well sealed, there will also be the problem of glue bubbles.
Solution: Check whether the pipeline is ready for installation and whether the pipeline is tightly closed
4. The operation time of glue may be too long. If AB glue is placed too long after mixing, the viscosity of the glue will become thicker. If the glue becomes thicker, the bubbles will not discharge well.
Solution: shorten the operation time as much as possible, mainly in the mixing time, vacuum time, parking time and dripping time. Grasping these time periods can reduce the appearance of glue bubbles.
5. There is too much glue. Under the influence of environment and temperature, if the amount of glue is too large, the curing speed of glue will become very fast, and the viscosity of glue will become very high with time, so it is difficult to discharge bubbles.
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6. Vacuum defoaming of glue must be carried out. This is also a method to eliminate bubbles. It is suggested that the vacuum defoaming time should be 6-8 minutes.
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