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Do you know the reason why the rubber valve is stuck?

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Do you know the reason why the rubber valve is stuck? In the process of dispensing valve controlling glue, the ceramic core used for switching dispensing and filling state is too tight to switch in time, which leads to valve sticking failure.
Yellow glue coated dispensing valve
The gap between the ceramic core and the ceramic sleeve is too small, which is the common reason for the sticking of the rubber valve. All manufacturers of the automatic dispensing machine recommend measuring the gap with the inner diameter and outer diameter measuring instrument to determine whether the gap is too small. If it is too small, grinding technology can be used to grind and increase the gap between the ceramic core and the ceramic sleeve.
Large Flow Silica Coated Valve
Because epoxy is easier to dry, so when epoxy is used in product dispensing, there will also be a phenomenon of bonding. All automatic dispensing machines recommend not to stop the machine too long before the epoxy is dried, and use continuous dispensing as far as possible to make the valve run continuously and avoid the sticking of the rubber valve caused by drying.
Micrometer Control Rubber Valve
The unstable air pressure supply is also an important factor leading to the sticking of the valve glue valve. The dispensing valve in all automatic dispensing machines is responsible for controlling the dispensing amount. If the dispensing time is too short and the supply pressure is too low, it will lead to the uneven distribution of glue on the dispensing surface. The product bonding effect is low, the parts are easy to fall off and the adhesive surface is ugly. Therefore, stable air pressure supply can improve the control accuracy of the dispensing valve for the dispensing amount, and increase the air pressure value to a certain value to reduce the glue greatly. The phenomenon of valve stuck.
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