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Explain the principle of special stirring dispensing valve

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Do you know about double liquid glue? Why need to use stirring dispensing valve to dispense glue? Dual-liquid glue can only work by using the principle of mixing stirring dispensing valve and dual-liquid dispensing valve to understand the reasons for both. This is a great sign of using mixed dispensing valve to distribute work.
Electric stirring dispensing valve
Working Principle of Mixed Distribution Valve of Double Distributor
First of all, let me introduce to you the characteristics of double liquid glue. Double-liquid glue literally means that two kinds of glue are mixed together, which should be used according to the principle of stirring dispensing valve. Each kind of glue has a certain density. If the two kinds of glue are mixed together, the quality of the seals will certainly be improved. It will be impossible to use ordinary type of dispensing valve, because the glue viscosity is too high. High, even with the full automatic AB double liquid dispensing machine, it is necessary to match with the electric stirring dispensing valve. The stirring dispensing valve is one of the special dispensing valves for double liquid glue.
Dynamic control glue dispensing valve
Now let me explain to you the principle of stirring dispensing valve. The stirring dispensing valve is a combination of dispensing valve and motor. The motor passes through the mixing cylinder. Then the AB glue enters the electric stirring dispensing valve from the AB cylinder and meets in the mixing cylinder. Because the two glues are too thick to mix, the stirrer can be started after the electric stirrer is installed, so that the AB glue can be fully mixed and stirred. Glue can be mixed according to the speed of mixing. This is an explanation of the principle of electric stirring dispensing valve.
Dual-liquid coated dispensing valve
This double-liquid glue dispensing machine not only has better production effect, but also can prevent glue from solidifying in the electric stirring dispensing valve. Similar to the principle of the mixer, the double-liquid glue must be on the dispensing valve and the dispensing valve, which is specially used to control the dispensing accessories of double-liquid glue. From the principle of the electric stirring dispensing valve, it can be seen that the glue valve is the control of double-liquid glue. An accessory for the amount of liquid glue.
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