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Highlighting the use of automatic glue filling machine

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Ab glue filling machine, also known as two-liquid glue filling machine, can realize the automatic mixing and quantitative proportion of two-component glue for glue filling. This equipment mainly aims at the application of two-component glue. The suitable glue includes two-component epoxy resin, two-component polyurethane, two-component silica gel and so on. The application of glue filling equipment reduces the labor input of enterprises. With the release of labor productivity, the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises are accelerated and improved, so the use of glue filling machine is once again infinitely enlarged by the market.
Ground-type AB glue dispensing machine
With the maturity of automation technology, fluid control technology is constantly improving, and the accuracy and stability of operation continuity are also greatly improved. The influx of market resources has injected vitality into the development of glue-filling industry. At the same time, the market demand is also increasing. From the use and application value of glue-filling machine, it can be seen that electricity has been used in recent years. Power electronics industry is developing rapidly and the market demand is huge. On the other hand, the maturity of glue filling technology has expanded the application field of equipment. Market demand is the ultimate goal of enterprise production and the fundamental force to promote enterprise development. Market rules that demand stimulates production.
Large Platform LED Filling Equipment
Ab glue pouring machine is mainly used in LED industry, power supply industry, electronic industry, instrumentation and other industries. The direct purpose is to fill glue on the workpiece to ensure the realization of various functions required by the product. The purpose of the glue pouring machine is to play the functions of sealing, filling, bonding, heat dissipation and conduction. Users need to control according to the actual application of glue. Making glue.
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